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Do I need an Appointment?

While we are sometimes able to facilitate 'Walk-Ins' to view dresses through the week, we strongly advise making an appointment - or at least calling ahead - to ensure that there is a member of staff available to greet you. Making an appointment ensures that you have exclusive use of our changing facilities during your 90 minute appointment, as well as someone on hand to help you in and out of gowns.

What should I bring for an appointment?

Just yourself and a smile! The best thing is to come with is an open mind and a willingness to experiment and play with different styles. Underwear wise - a strapless bra and undies in white are best but again not essential, most of our gowns won't require you to wear a bra on the day. Make sure you're comfortable in whatever you're wearing! You won't need to bring any heels as we have a range of sizes in each of our fitting rooms.

What sizes do you stock?

All of our samples range from a UK size 10-24. Most of our samples fall around a size 14. We will have a number of dresses for you to try on, if you are within this range.

Is there parking near the boutique?

Our boutique is located on Fartown in Pudsey, where there are lots of spaces available on the main road, as well as on some of the side streets. There are also a number of buses that stop right outside the stop.

When should I start looking for THE dress?

We advise anything from 18 months to a year. A brand new gown will take anywhere between 3 - 6 months to make for you. With this in mind we then need to add 6 - 8 weeks for alterations and a little bit of wiggle room just in case. So ideally with time to shop around we suggest 12 - 18 months before the wedding. We do have options for short notice brides with our off-the-peg gowns and designer stock, but the shorter notice it is, the more limited your options might be!

What are alterations for and will I need them?

Most of our gowns will come in standard sizes. This means when you order you dress you will measured for that dress and sized according to the specific size chart that matches that specific dress. With this is mind, to make sure that you look amazing on your big day, you will most probably need some alterations with a seamstress. In-store our seamstresses will ensure the length of your dress is perfect as well as the fit. Other alterations can be made also so that you do not need to wear a bra and can loop the train up for the evening - we can discuss this in store with you at the time of order.

Can I bring my Mum and a group of friends with me to help choose my dress?

Yes, our aim is to offer an inviting, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Choosing your wedding dress should be fun and we hope to make it an enjoyable experience. Sometimes, it can be better just to bring one or two people whose opinion you really trust and value, rather than involving too many people with conflicting ideas. Remember it's YOUR gown! We can facilitate some larger groups in the boutique, but our fitting areas are designed to comfortably seat 4-5 at most.

I'm getting married in two weeks and haven't got my dress yet, can you help me?

We will certainly try! With a variety of gowns available in store to try and purchase off the peg, there is a good chance we will be able to help. A selection of our dresses are held in stock and can be purchased with a 7 day delivery to store.

How do I know what style will suit me?

Don't worry; many brides are perplexed as to what style is right for their shape and size. Our experienced and friendly staff are able to offer honest expert advice and will soon help you find a style that's right for you. We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy the whole wedding dress experience regardless of shape, size or budget.

Do you only do white wedding dresses?

Actually, we don't have any white samples! Most of our gowns are ivory, which is slightly softer than white, but still traditional. That said, we also have a lot of gowns in store in champagne, blush, latte, sand and mocha, which adds a depth and contrast to the gown. Most of our wedding dresses have more than one colour option, typically most offer ivory, white and usually one other option such as champagne, blush, etc. All of our dresses display the colour options available on the tag.

When will my dress arrive?

We usually have dresses delivered to the boutique about 3 months before the wedding so that we have time for alterations. Before this they are stored by the designer. If you wish for your dress to be stored by us instead please advise on ordering.

How do I transport my wedding dress?

Your wedding dress will come in one of our 'Scarlet Poppy' gown bags. If you are travelling abroad we can offer travel boxes and we will pack your wedding dress for you.

Can I bring my own shoes and accessories when picking my gown?

Of course you can! We do have a selection of shoes available for while you're selecting your gown, but if you already have some picked out then feel free to bring them along!

When do I have to pay?

For a new to order gown, the deposit is 50% with the order which puts the gown into production. The remainder of the balance falls due when your dress arrives into the boutique. If you're purchasing the sample gown, we require the full amount upfront.

When will the fitting take place?

When your dress arrives in store, we'll contact you and invite you to book your first fitting. We usually advise starting the alterations 6 weeks before the wedding. For brides who are experiencing weight change or fluctuations, we advise letting it stabilise before you begin your alterations.

What do I have to bring with me for my final fittings?

It is essential that you have your shoes, and ideally the underwear you plan to wear for the day - especially if it's anything that might change the fit of the dress like shapewear!

How much can a dress be altered?

As a general rule of thumb, we advise no more than two sizes down and one size up. This does vary dependent on the gown materials and shape. Alterations are not included in the dress price.

I am getting married abroad in the sun what will work?

We usually recommend our international brides (we're very jealous!) go for gowns that are lightweight and comfortable. Enzoani is a popular designer amongst our beach brides. Usually a more fitted or soft A-line silhouette is best, but if a princess skirt is your dream, we can look at stripping out some of the tulle and weight of the dress and replacing it with a hoop for practicality.