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At Scarlet Poppy we are proud to be able to offer in-house alterations by our amazing seamstress Louise. We are able to offer a fixed fee standard alterations package through our independent onsite seamstress, this covers all changes needed to make your dress fit inch perfectly for your big day. We can also include a bustle that will keep your train out of the way in the evening.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Here are a few examples of common alterations we have undertaken to change the look of a dress. We can always buy additional materials directly from the designer so any alterations we undertake will seamlessly match the rest of the dress.

Bespoke packages are available for anyone with the vision to re-model their chosen gown; whether it is changing a neckline, adding additional detailing, adding sleeves or filling in an open back. Talk to us when choosing your gown and we can quote accordingly.

The Alteration Process

People often ask how many appointments they will need to get their gown fitting perfectly, as a guideline we generally say 2-3 appointments however each process is unique to the individual and how much work is required.

In general most brides will come in approximately 3 months prior to their wedding for us to assess how much work there is to be done. Remember you must bring your shoes with you to your 1st fitting so we can see if your hem needs altering. We will pin any areas that require attention, generally starting with the bodice so that the dress is sitting in the correct place. If there is a substantial amount to be taken in we will aim to see you again in 2-3 weeks, so that we can check the fit and tweak accordingly.  Once the bodice is fitting correctly you would generally have 1 more appointment to do the hem and then come back for a final try on to check everything over and have a good walk round in your gown so that you are confident on the day.

We will then steam and prepare the dress ready for collection.

Addition of Sleeves
Whether it is extending a cap sleeve to a full length or building up a strapless gown to include an illusion neckline & sleeves there are many ways in which we can add sleeves to a gown if that is what you are looking for. Keep this in mind when shopping with us, as your dream dress may just not have sleeves…yet!

Filling in an Open Back
If an illusion back is what you are looking for or simply just some more coverage then take a look at the examples below for an idea of what we can do to achieve this.

If you are just not quite finding what you are looking for it is always worth remembering that we can tweak the detailing of a dress for you. This can include but not limited to: adding additional lace appliques to the skirt or bodice, adding a lace boarder to finish off a plain skirt or adding a touch of sparkle by beading a dress. See below for some examples.