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Wedding Photography Advice

October 15, 2019

Wedding photography: the most common mistakes

When it comes to wedding photography, there are a number of very common mistakes that are all too easily made. We’ve listed some of the main ones here so you can avoid them. 

• Not having a final schedule – or not sticking to it: you need to brief your wedding photographer well in advance of the big day, and know what pictures you want and of who. You also need to pick a time when you are going to have them taken. Clearly, the light will be better for taking pictures at some times of day than others – you will have more flattering images, for example, in early evening sunshine. 

• Letting relatives get in the way: if you have a relative who enjoys snapping away, perhaps to the extent that he gets in the way of the professional photographer and makes them miss their key shots, talk to them. Gently suggest they leave the camera at home and focus on enjoying the wedding. 

• Not explaining how you like to look in photos: show your wedding photographer a picture of yourself that you like ahead of the wedding. 

• Waiting too long to book your photographer: it can be very frustrating to find a wedding photographer who you really want to use – only to discover that they are booked up on the day you want them. 

• Looking at the camera all the time: when you are doing your wedding shots, try to avoid looking at the camera unless the photographer specifically asks you to do so. This will make the end result look more natural. 

• Asking for too many wedding photos: again, this is all too easily done. Be realistic in your choice of must-have shots, and prioritise if necessary. Equally, it’s important that you let your photographer know if there are any images or angles you don’t want. 

Finally, you need a photographer you connect with on a personal level for the best results. Don’t try and cut corners by using a photographer who’s not an experienced and reputable professional. The results could be catastrophic, and ruin the chance to have lasting memories of one of your life’s most important and special occasions.

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