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For budget-conscious brides, or brides working to a strict timescale, the solution for getting a beautiful wedding dress without compromising on design or quality is to purchase 'Off The Peg' and buy one of our samples. As we pick up new collections from each of our incredible designers, we retire some of our older gowns to our sale room to make space in our boutique. Some of these dresses are discontinued by designer, some need a little tlc, and some have been replaced by a similar design, but all of them feature the high quality materials and styles that we love from our designers.


What are 'Gowns To Go'?

A 'Gown To Go' is an ex-sample dress that we sell straight off of the rack. While most dresses are ordered in new, in some circumstances we are able to sell our own samples on at a discounted price. They are the same designer quality, just previously tried on by other brides in the boutique.

Why do brides choose an ex-sample gown?

There are plenty of reasons why our brides choose an ex-sample gown. Sometimes it's down to timing; they're getting married on a short time scale and they don't have the time to order in new. Sometimes it's down to budget; our 'Off The Rack' range is priced from £195 to £1800. Sometimes it's just because they find the dress they love and it's discontinued, but our sample is still available to purchase.

Why are some gowns more discounted than others?

Our pricing for our Sample gowns is usually based on the age and condition of the gown. If a gown has been with us for a long time, we will typically discount it more as the styles begin to change. Some of our samples see a lot of love in their time in the boutique, and end up with some cosmetic wear. As we know a bride may need to pay a little more to get the gown in pristine condition, we may sometimes bring the price down more.

If I buy an ex-sample, will you keep it at the boutique?

As much as we would love to keep all our sold ex-sample gowns in the boutique for our brides, we don't have the capacity - during summer our sewing room is wall to wall with wedding dresses. With our gowns to go, we do ask that brides take the dress home and keep her somewhere safe until it's time for your fittings.

Will people be able to tell the gown was a sample?

We pride ourselves on our work in making sure the ex-sample gowns that leave our boutique are in incredible condition. We offer a dry-cleaning service at a competitive rate for our sample gowns, as well as spot-cleaning to ensure the gown looks as as-new as possible. Our seamstress is well versed in replacing buttons and repairing small damages to ensure the gown looks as close to pristine as possible. We also put all our gowns - new to order and ex-sample - through the same thorough Quality Control checks before collection, so stray threads are snipped and hooks & eyes are secured.

Can you hold a sample gown for me?

Unfortunately, we're not able to 'reserve' our ex-sample dresses for people. We highly recommend if you find a gown on our sale pages that you love, you make an appointment to come in as soon as possible and bring those all-important people you need to help make a decision with you. With our ex-sample gowns, once they're gone, they're gone!