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Code of Practice

Members of the British Bridal Retailers Association

We abide by the following Code of Practice.Our customers will be met with a warm welcome.Our advertising will be clear and truthful.Our merchandise will be clearly priced.

Our customers will have accurate and adequate pre-contractual information allowing them to make informed choices.

Our contracts are set out in plain language, are clear, fair and accurate.  Their terms will be fully explained, prior to any sale being agreed.

There will be no high pressure sales techniques used.

We will respond to all complaints promptly and make every effort to resolve them immediately.

Our customer service will be of the highest standard, aimed at exceeding expectations.

Bridal Assurance

Now, in an exclusive offer to our brides, Dreamsaver is offering £1,000 FREE* WEDDING ATTIRE INSURANCE to brides who purchase their gown from a BBRA member retailer. To take advantage of this offer and the peace of mind that it brings, brides need only call the number on the leaflet to activate their FREE* WEDDING ATTIRE INSURANCE, within 14 days of their purchase.

ONLY BBRA retailers are able to bring their brides this exclusive offer of up to £1,000 insurance cover to help protect their gown, and the deposit paid for it, absolutely free of charge.


Bridesmaid Measuring Service


Have you got a bridesmaid in another part of the country? As a BBRA customer you can arrange for her to call in to her nearest member store to be professionally measured for her gown.  The store will then send her measurements to your retailer meaning one less thing for you to worry about.

Remember this service is only available to BBRA customers and is another reason to let us take care of you.

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